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The Stark effect is the electric analogue of the Zeeman effect where a spectral line is split into several components due to the presence of a magnetic field.

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Normal vs Anomalous- Normal effect occurs when the total spin of the electron is zero, anomalous effect occurs otherwise.

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This is known as the nuclear Zeeman effect, named after Pieter Zeeman, who in 1896 had observed the splitting of optical spectral lines by a magnetic field.Using the vector model for total angular momentum, the splitting is seen to produce one level for each possible value of the z-component of the total angular momentum J.

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The two types of Zeeman effect have been observed which are known as normal Zeeman effect and anomalous Zeeman effect.You can decide whether use of a plane polarizing filter is useful in blocking out the undisplaced line.

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His explanation has been superseded in the light of later knowledge, but it still furnishes a convenient description of the simpler features of the effect.This effect is easiest to understand for atoms in the singlet state where a semi-classical treatment suffices for explaining splitting, this is called the normal Zeeman effect.

You will quantitatively measure the g-factors of the 6 3 P levels in mercury.

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In normal Zeeman effect, only orbital angular momentum is considered.A formula is derived for a 3A, state, intermediate between case (a) and case (b), which expresses the Zeeman.This can be visualized with the help of a vector model of total angular momentum.

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An anomalous Zeeman effect is observed if the spectral line splits into more than three lines.

In the anomalous Zeeman effect (which is actually more common than the normal effect), several lines appear, forming a complex pattern.

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A direct calculation of the Anomalous Zeeman Effect gives the energy shifts in a weak B field.

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In fact, the normal Zeeman effect is a special case of the anomalous Zeeman.