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I got the idea from a fellow PE teacher (Mark Jungmann), and I just modified the equipment.This Warm Up Exercises Worksheet is suitable for 4th - 12th Grade.Warm-up and cool-down jogs are good to include before stretching if you have time.Warm-up activities prepare the students for more intense gym class exercise.

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Inside are 36 exciting new warm up activities designed for maximum enjoyment in PE classes.

Next, run in place or use a stationary bike for 10 to 15 minutes to warm up the legs.Making fitness fun is a key to keeping your students engaged and active in physical education class.Most of them you probably already know, but there may be something new for you to use.Would make a great brain break for classroom teachers as well.

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It is especially helpful when working with double classes, since the classes usually do not arrive at the same time.

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Good warm ups for English class are fun but not a complete waste of time.

See the next section for some suggestions on how to scale this warm-up to your level.

Beginning your lesson plans with a five-minute warm up or ice breaker can serve to focus your students on a new topic, open up creative thinking, and help them to apply the learning in new ways.

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Do what you can, adjust the exercises in this warm up so you can complete it, and go from there.

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I hope you can utilize these great warm up activites and games in your own pe classes.This video provides a number of stretches and exercises that you can lead your students through.

The warm-ups are listed The warm-ups are listed individually so the physical education instructor can pick and choose which may apply or.Find an extensive list of warm-up, cool-down, and strength-training exercises perfect for all ages.

When my kids walk into their Physical Education class, our routine is to get into a quick warm-up or instant activity.Games: Warm-ups, Icebreakers, Deinhibitizers Note: this page is dedicated to sharing ideas and activities among facilitators of experiential education.This eBook is the one stop shop for all Physical Education Teachers.

At the beginning of the year I usually keep the warm-up really simple and do walking lines and jogging lines (jog the sidelines and walk the endlines) to some upbeat.I would observe the head coach or teacher leading the session and assist them with whatever they needed.

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This is a great warm-up activity that we use throughout the year.Since your players will be running up and down the court, one of the best drills is to run the baselines.

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